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Researching Andover in Newspapers

Local newspapers in Hampshire, Berkshire and Wiltshire often report on Andover events and some can be searched and accessed online on the British Newspaper Archive or FindmyPast. But, of papers published in the town, as yet only the Andover Chronicle (later Standard) has been digitised on these platforms, covering the period 1870-1895 (issues in 1898-1914 were only title pages, published to maintain registration).

The main local newspaper is the Andover Advertiser, starting in 1858 and still in production. The archive is now mainly in Winchester, at the Hampshire Record Office, with some hard copies (produced on request) at Andover Library.

What is available in these two locations is as follows (with many thanks to Phil Farlow for collating the information).

Hard copies at HRO Winchester

1859 – 1987 (Bound)

Note:  Microfilm versions include 1858. The Finding number for hard copies is 108A00 on CALM (HRO's online search engine). For the years covered by microfilm searchers would be expected to use the microfilm version.

Hard copies at Andover Library

1975 – 2003 (Bound)     

2011 – 2012 (Bound)

Notes:  Nothing at Andover prior to 1975. There was once a 1974 set there.            

Microfilms at Andover Library

None at all (this very useful service was recently withdrawn)

Microfilms at HRO Winchester 

1858 – 1959

1995 – 2010

Notes:  Hard copy versions exclude 1858. No microfilms for 1960 – 1994. All microfilms are listed on CALM under Finding number MAA. HRO Winchester provides full reader and printer facilities and all microfilms are available as self service in the Search Room.

Please note that there are no reference copies of the Andover Advertiser at either Andover or Winchester in any format after 2012 except for very current issues. Recent editions can be searched here. However, newspaper publishers are required to deposit a copy of each issue with the British Library and these will *eventually* be digitised and made available online.

Good luck!

Andover Midweek Advertiser
Andover Museum (Hampshire Cultural Trust) holds bound editions of the Andover Midweek Advertiser for the years 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991 & 1993. Hampshire Record Office holds only two issues: 26 Jun 1983 and 10 Sep 2003.

[Information posted March 2022, edited April 2022]