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Lookback at Andover 2021

the Society's annual publication of interesting and informative articles about the local history of the area, will be available for sale at the meeting on 24 September, priced £4.50. From that date, it can also be ordered by post, subject to the appropriate postage and packing costs.

This year's edition of 74 pages has illustrated articles on: Andover, Frederick Pearse-photographer (1846-1929); the history of the St Mary's Churchyard and Cemetery from 1840; Clark's Book Shop, 1951-1975; George Barnes (1758-1832), enclosure commissioner; and 'Wings for Victory' 1943-Andover's Lancaster Bombers: and in the wider area, Penton Mewsey WI in 1940.

Publishing your work

Written contributions for inclusion in the society's annual journal Lookback at Andover are always welcomed by the publications committee. Outline ideas for a prospective article can be sent by way of the 'contact us' page on this website and will be given due consideration by the committee. Generally we would expect original, unpublished material with suitable reference to primary sources consulted. Approved articles can be written by either members or non-members but in either case the committee reserves the right to edit any article submitted with a view to improvement and/or to fit the magazine space available. In rare cases the committee may feel it necessary to reject material that fails to reach a publishable standard or does not suit the established remit. 

Publications available

Lookback at Andover is the Society's journal which has been published annually since 1990. All articles in past issues of Lookback are now listed herethe list can be searched so you can find the topic of interest and order the appropriate volume.The journals for 2000 and 2010 have cumulative indices for previous issues.

The journal is priced as follows: 1995-99 £2.00,  2000-07 £2.50,  2008-14  £3.00,  2015-17 £3.50,  2018 onwards £4.50

For orders to UK addresses add £1.50 for postage and packing and make cheques payable to Andover History and Archaeology Society. For orders from abroad, please make your initial request through the Contact us page of this website

  • Penton Mewsey: the History of a Hampshire Chalk Downland Parish, John Isherwood (2021) 107 pages, 5 colour plates and 39 black and white: price £9.95, add £1.50 for p&p.
  • Andover Priory, Richard Arnold Jones & Martin Coppen (second edition, edited with new material, 2019) 52pp with 14pp of illustrations, mostly colour: price £10, add £1.50 for p&p. (Discounted price of £7.00 for members at meetings.)
  • Andover's Norman Church 1080-1840: The Architecture and Development of Old St Mary, Andover, Hampshire,Martin Coppen (2015) 58pp with 20pp of illustrations, mostly colour: price £7.00, add £1.50 for p&p. The e-book version is already available from here.
  • The Archaeology of Andover: Excavations by Max Dacre, edited by Dr. Nick Stoodley (2013) 114pp with 32pp of illustrations, mostly colour: £20.00. The book has also been published as an  eBook for Apple devices on iTunes at only £9.99. Click here for further information.
  • An Andover Miscellany Includes an index of well known 19th Century Andoverians, articles on Primitive Methodism in Andover, Andover Cottage Hospital, Layton's China Shop, and Andover in the Great War 1914 - 1918 (2008) 132pp £8.50
  • A Second Andover Miscellany Includes articles on Robert Tasker, Dr G.V.Poore, Water and Sanitation in the Town, and Booksellers and Printers before 1855. (2012) 114pp £9.50
  • Elizabethan Andover Diana K Coldicott (2004) 212pp Now £5.00
  • Something in the Water, The Anti- Fluoride Campaign in Andover, 1955-58 David J Borrett (2002) 104pp Now £3.00
  • Andover's Wartime Years  June Mary Harris (2000) 119pp £6.00
  • Members of Parliament for Andover 1295-1885  R Arnold Jones (1996) 83pp £4.95  -   includes a list of the 299 Andover electors in 1833.
  • Andover Civil War and Interregnum Anthony Raper (1994) 85 pp £3.95
  • Samuel Best and the Hampshire Labourer  Alastair Geddes (1981) 64pp £1.00
  • Andover: An Historic Portrait John Spaul (1977) 160pp £5.00